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AB-12 Extended Foster Care

ACCASA is well aware of the negative outcomes commonly associated with youth aging out of foster care after age 18, such as homelessness, incarceration, unemployment, and insufficient educational attainment. Ever since Assembly Bill 12 (AB 12) took effect on January 1, 2012, CASA volunteers have been stepping up to help better prepare foster youth that have opted in to remain in care after 18, to live successful, self-sufficient, independent lives. Under AB 12, youth can opt-in to remain in foster care up to their 21st birthday and receive help with housing, education and employment goals, and access to mental health and medical services. This additional cushion also gives them time to develop lasting relationships with caring adults.

CASA volunteers are helping these emerging adults reach their goals toward independence by applying a strength-based and empowerment-driven approach that is sensitive to the youth’s individual needs. They visit with their youth weekly to monthly and engage them in the following growth enrichment opportunities and experiences that impact healthy outcomes:

  1. Education Support
  2. Job & Career Support
  3. Life Skills
  4. Community Connection
  5. Relationship Building

Because foster youth under AB 12 are adults, it’s up to them to decide if they want the support of a CASA volunteer, and our goal is to serve everyone that does. If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a CASA volunteer, this is one age group to consider helping.

In order for a Non-Minor Dependent to get a CASA they will need to complete an application packet.